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Selling 1934 Commer Woodie - Hot Rod/Rat Rod/Gasser/Woody Project inc 350ci V8, Box/axle

Seller Description

1934 Commer Shooting Brake Woodie Estate Hot Rod/Rat Rod/Gasser ProjectVery RareForget restoring it - This is a fabulous Hot Rod ProjectI have had this in storage for a number years and I always had 2 possible plans for itFirst Plan was to make it a Gasser as its got a beautiful beam on the front with a pair of parallel springs so youre half way there !. ”Woodburner” !!!!Second Plan was if not a Gasser then dumped and heavily channelled on air bagsThe Woodie comes totally original. I do have the panels such as wings but they are shot. was never worried as the plan was for it to be fenderless anyway. No original engine or box. The body is generally good. the metal cab has rot in the bottom of the doors. the back woody part is also good. outside wood good. some weaker roof timbers. Had always planned NOT to touch the body and run as is. a Rat Woodie !The chassis has a couple of patches of rot both sides by the rear axle (about a foot) but apart from that it looks fine. needs a grit blast but the rest is real solid. Always planned to take the body off and box up the chassis anyway. All original front and back axles. steering (which works very well with no slop). original beautiful gauges and original 18” military style wheels. plus a spare. To go with the project. I have:THE ORIGINAL REGISTRATION AND V5ALSO PROJECT COMES WITH:· 350ci (5. 7 ltr) Small Block Chevy V8 (a cut out from a 1978ish Chevy Capprice. been stood but ran fine)· TH350 Gearbox (as above)· Prop (as above)· 10 bolt Chevy rear axle (as above)· Pair of red period steel wheels that fit the original front/rear stud pattern (these were from and American Jeep a CJ )The V5 is registered as it should be. as a 1934 Commer Estate. as shown in the pic of the original registration. span > the number plate has never been transferred.
See also: STUDEBAKER CHAMPION COUPE 1954 great offer is available now.
dont know if it can be but it must be valuable. it has 2 letters and 4 numbers. So there you have it.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
One of the most awesome. rare and unusual Hot Rod. Rat Rod. Gasser projects you could find. but dont be fooled by your dreams. this is a project. you aint gonna drive it home !Any takers ?Veiwing before bidding is positively encouraged. Collection from Cirencester. GloucestershireAlso published at


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Item Information

Item ID: 164848
Car location: CIRENCESTER, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 40

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1934 Commer Woodie - Hot Rod/Rat Rod/Gasser/Woody Project inc 350ci V8, Box/axle
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3854 votes

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