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Selling 1966 Ford Falcon xp Super Pursuit 200 futura coupe 2 door

$ 23130

Seller Description

Please note that this add was recently up but pulled down as i had thoughts of buying it myself but have since changed my mind do to financial and time restraints
Back to the car....
On offer here today is a 1966 Ford xp Super Pursuit 200futuracoupe ..... 2x genuine owners since new
The car has a history as being a Ford showroom model back in the day,acquired by a Ford dealership manager and given to his girlfriend as a gift.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
The car was then purchased from the lady approx 25 years ago by the current owner.
With thanks to messages coming in from members here and Ford enthusiastsalike, have confirmed that the Super pursuitFutura 200 was the best model in Fords coupe range for that year, with all the bells and whistles desirable
The car is 100% complete, has original license plates and matching numbers and would be a perfect start for anyone wanting to restore back to its former glory. The body is straight however, as can be seen in the photos, rust can be seen (heavy rust in areas) in i assume all the usual areas for this model. Unfortunately, the car has not been stored undercover in its later years which has help promote the rust.
Interior is 100% original, with front bucket seats that were standard for this model. The vinyl on all seats is original, As per the above, due to no undercover storage, moisture has entered the cabin area which has resulted in mold and rust. No attempt has been made to clean so there is plenty of spider webs etc inside. I have lifted the carpet (which had to be destroyed) and can confirm the floor pan is not rusted through. Additional photos were taken today of some of the areas needing attention (i have over 80 photos on file)
Make no mistake, it needs work but for someone with the time and finances and depending on your restoration expectations, this car will turn heads when cruising down the highway.
This beauty has 60268 original miles on the odometer so given its almost 60 years old, this is bugger all in the grand scheme of things
The 200 engine was in working order prior to the cars final road use however, i assume other mechanical work and touch ups would be required before fit for the road (its unregistered, last registered 2007). The front end is original disk brake, common only to this model and very desirable back then.
See also: 2017 KTM 1090 ADVENTURE R W/ABS great offer is available now.

Please note- I am selling this for an elderly gentlemen that has no further use for it and is needing the funds to help finance medical costs.
We are currently clearing out the estate (the gentleman is a chronic hoarder for all things, including car parts) and was told there are a heap of spares stored in the garage that will be listed shortly in separate auctions if interested
Among this and confirmed-
- Workshop manuals- Spark plugs and leads- Oil Filters- Air filters- Head lights- Tail lights- Body parts- Sun Visor- Spats- Interior parts- Badges- chrome body strips- 3x grills- Spare set of wheels- Brake pads and shoes.- Engine parts- Spare 200 engine (now confirmed reconditioned)
Most of the parts old stock, new in box.
Many other parts still yet to be confirmed
This is a rare opportunity to grab an early piece of Ford history, suited to the Ford enthusiast
We have this listed elsewhere to assist in the quickest sale to the right person so that said, this listing may be retracted at any time
Please note- The photos form part of the description (extra photos can be sent if required and if so, please send an email address) so please take time to review'
Interstate/international buyers are welcomed to bid however, all transport cost are the responsibility of the buyer. We will also request an additional fee to help manage the transfer on our end. Please discuss this with us prior to bidding
All intentions are to sell the car in the quickest possible time so please, bid carefully and happy bidding to all.
On 16-Jan-22 at 06:33:10 AEDST, seller added the following information:Please note- If there are buyer wanting to view the car, viewing can be arranged by appointment only. I will be at the address today (16/01) between 10am and 1pm. I can be at the address next weekend. Please send a message with preferred times and a phone number and i will see what i can arrange.
Interstate/international buyers, please send an email address so i can provide more detailed photographs,
ThanksOn 18-Jan-22 at 17:54:38 AEDST, seller added the following information:Please note- Questions have been sent via members that received the additional emailed photos regarding the missing metal radio grill that fits onto padded dashboard. I can confirm that we have the grill, and will be included in the sale.
Also, questions about the hub caps and are they original to this model and yes, confirmed they are the originals that came new with the Futura.


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Item Information

Item ID: 249683
Sale price: $ 23130
Car location: St Clair, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 19.01.2022
Views: 8
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1966 Ford Falcon xp Super Pursuit 200 futura coupe 2 door
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