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Selling 1973 Husqvarna WR450

$ 6900

1973 Husqvarna WR450  for Sale

Seller Description

Complete Museum Quality Restoration, every part has
been either cleaned, polished, chromed, painted or replaced. Every spoke is brand new
stainless steel. Bike is in a preserved state and has not been run since restoration.
The inside of the tank is perfect and like new, no gas has been in it. See
below for engine details, there is no running oil in the engine. Same for the
forks, no oil in them. No rim locks installed either. Bike could easily be
ridden…..gas, oil, fork oil and kick, but not under present ownership. This is
a collectors item and a piece of history, hopefully to be preserved for future
Engine: Complete disassembly cleaning and Inspection.
Original Lower end bearings in excellent condition, new seals installed upon
reassembly. Transmission , kickstarter and output shaft in original excellent
condition. Re-assembled with new seals and gaskets where appropriate.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
Prior to
assembly all surfaces installed with assembly lube and entire area sprayed with
Corrosion X (aviation corrosion inhibitor). Top end, cleaned and inspected,
rings and gaskets replaced, std bore in excellent condition. Entire top end
treated internally with Corrosion X (cylinder bore, piston top and bottom).
Forks: Disassembled, cleaned, fork seals replaced,
re-assembled and coated internally with Corrosion X
Wheels F & R professionally polished and all spokes
replaced with Bucanan Stainless Steel Spokes.
Original gas tank was chemically stripped, the complete tank
was chromed, scuffed, masked and painted, striped, decals installed with 3
coats clearcoat overall except chrome areas.
Frame completely disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted and
recoated in silver
Many new factory Husqvarna parts including, fenders, rear inner
fender, mounts, rubber parts, handlebars (Factory Husqvarna), silencer, rings,
seals, gaskets, gas cap, much new hardware. Non factory chain, sprocket, carb,
tires and grips. Sold with California Bill of Sale only.
This is your opportunity to acquire, ride, and display one
of the rarest and most stunning pieces of off-road racing motorcycle history
available today.
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Item Information

Item ID: 246993
Sale price: $ 6900
Motorcycle location: Redlands, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 3.01.2022
Views: 10
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1973 Husqvarna WR450
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