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Selling 1974 Honda XL70

$ 2550

1974 Honda XL70 for Sale

Seller Description

Here we have for sale a beautiful, original 1974 Honda Candy Topaz Orange XL70. This is a very rare and collectible bike. I have loved this bike and have taken very good care of it since I bought it from the original owner’s family. The original owner bought the bike brand new in 1974 at Emery’s Honda in San Jose. The original license plate and dealer license plate frame is still attached to the bike. I have completely gone through the bike and made sure everything is sound and ready to go for the new owner. I put brand new OEM style tires on the bike. The tires brand new and have 0 miles on them. They are the correct OEM tire size too, which is really hard to find. No company is producing these tires anymore. The paint on the bike is original and is called Candy Topaz Orange. The paint is nice and shiny. I polished and detailed the paint. The paint is nice and has just some minor sun fade in it. There is some flaking paint by the petcock. The front fender is nice. It has a little ding in the front lip of it. The side covers are original and in nice shape. The paint is nice. The left side cover has cracks in it that have been fixed. The original owner put a thick epoxy on the back side of the cover and its very sturdy. You can take the cover on and off without worry its going to break. The seat is original and in great shape! It has nice and sturdy foam and the cover still shows the Honda logo on the back. Engine is original and runs great! It is a 70cc engine with a 4 speed manual clutch transmission. I replaced the original carb with a really nice, OEM style replacement. The bike runs fantastic and starts up first kick. It idles great and has a nice, quick, snappy throttle. I changed the engine oil, with good high zinc oil. I changed the spark plug, timed the engine, and adjusted valves to OEM spec. I replaced the original exhaust pipe with an exact OEM reproduction unit. It’s in perfect condition and really looks great. I replaced the drive chain and put new rubber on the foot pegs, grips and kick starter. They are all Honda parts. All of the lights work on the bike. The rear turn signals were removed by the original owner.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
So when the turn signals are activated, the front turn signals turn on but do not blink because the rear turn signals are not there. The speedometer works great and is original.
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The handlebars and controls are all original and in great shape! I put new replacement mirrors on the bike. Something that is similar to what you would of seen on the bike when sold new. The chrome on the bike has been polished and detailed. The original rims are shiny but have some patina but the chrome on the handlebars are nice. The petcock is original and has been rebuilt. I put brand new brake shoes on the bike. The bike still has its original key. The bike is being sold with a bill of sale only. The original owner died and the title was lost years ago. The last time it was on the road was 30 years ago, so its been long out of the system. Again, the bike is being sold with a bill of sale only. I can hold the bike for up to a month so that the bike is paid for and picked up. Shipping is the buyers responsibility but I do have some contacts for shippers if necessary. I will help coordinate pickup of the bike with the shipper. Overall this is a very nice, and well presentable bike, its not perfect and shows some age, but its something that I think the majority of people will be proud to own and show off. Please ask any and all questions that you may have before bidding. My phone number is [hidden information]. Thanks for looking!


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Item Information

Item ID: 250967
Sale price: $ 2550
Motorcycle location: Reno, Nevada, United States
Last update: 27.01.2022
Views: 3
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1974 Honda XL70
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