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Selling 1983 HONDA Acty MICRO MINI KEI Van # suzuki Daihatsu mazda morris moke jdm WOWW

$ 935

1983 HONDA Acty MICRO MINI KEI Van # suzuki Daihatsu mazda morris moke jdm WOWW for Sale

Seller Description

1983 Honda ACTY Micro KEI Van
* Listing on behalf of a customer who we know very well
* Australian Delivered Model , with its Honda plate in place
* Original Matching Numbers Engine
* Super RARE JDM Japanese Micro KEI Van
* Tiny 10 inch original Rims
* Side Sliding doors on BOTH passenger and drivers sides
* Interior in good clean condition as can be seen in the pics
* Odometer showing 87032 kms on the clock
* Extremely solid and original body with only minimal imperfections , dings , chips , dents etc
* Its original Honda Matching #s engine has been taken out , owner purchased with it placed in the back boot , engine condition unknown
* Great easy project for someone to take on
* Was acquired from country NSW and will be sold on a no reserve auction
* Would suit a collector , Promotional businesscar or weekend cruiser
*Please note that this is not a consignment sale and therefore isn't part of our stock and hence dealer warranty doesn't apply.
See also: 1934 Packard 8 Coupe Roadster great offer is available now.
All detailed correspondence and monies will be directed to the owner
* Eligible for club historic registration
* Can organise Cheap freight Australia wide
* Inspections and test drives recommended prior to end of auction , video conference calls available prior to end of auction to inspect vehicles in details if not available to come in person
* 10% immediate deposit at end of auction , balance and collection within 7 days
* Standard auction rules apply, all sales are final, non refundable and a no return policy applies
* Please note , car is sold unregistered , as is , and any number plates shown WILL NOT be registered nor included
* All cars advertised have been stored and may require a service, repairs and a few bits and pieces to get them up to scratch.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .

* All descriptions are based on a walk around and we are not accountable for whatever may have been missed ,so please come inspect or at least call for a video conference walk around
* As with all our cars , they are over 40 years old and a few imperfections and wear and tear to paint , body etc are to be expected


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Item Information

Item ID: 256584
Sale price: $ 935
Car location: Miranda, New South Wales, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.02.2022
Views: 22
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1983 HONDA Acty MICRO MINI KEI Van # suzuki Daihatsu mazda morris moke jdm WOWW
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2898 votes

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