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Selling 1987 Holden Commodore White 3.0L Manual Petrol - Unleaded Sedan

$ 5344

1987 Holden Commodore White 3.0L Manual Petrol - Unleaded Sedan for Sale

Seller Description

VL Factory Manual. 95% rust free. Mags, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, LPG//Petrol, tow bar.
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1 inch lowered springs, front and rear. it has manual steering rack .Has heavy hail damage on the top and right hand side of car. Has a dint on left hand guard and one on the drivers side of roof (see pics).
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
Car is not running due to two wires in the loom fizzed out, after a rat chewed into the big wiring plug at firewall.Car was still running when turned off and battery lead pulled off, car was a good daily driver until about 8 years ago until wiring issue.All the dash was pulled out to find the problem and never fixed, dash in car is just sitting there, every other part is there or in the boot, has no radio.Has red Berlina interior which is average (see pics), has the four gauge taco dash. boot floor looks rusty but its sloid ,has rust in battery trayThe two wires that fizzed are orange with black trace if that helps.
Car is located at Wunghnu, Victoria. 20 mins North of Shepparton. ((((( please no more time wasters ))))


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Item Information

Item ID: 256694
Sale price: $ 5344
Car location: Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.02.2022
Views: 55
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1987 Holden Commodore White 3.0L Manual Petrol - Unleaded Sedan
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