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Selling 1994 Mercedes Benz 1418OH NEGOTIABLE QUICK SALE

$ 21374

1994 Mercedes Benz 1418OH NEGOTIABLE QUICK SALE for Sale

Seller Description

Up for sale is our 1994 Mercedes Benz 1418OH Bus Motorhome Project!
Unfortunately, we have run out of time to finish her, but have had the privilege to bring this old girl back to life! She is now ready to go to someone with the vision to execute an awesome floorplan on a super sturdy base!
With 570,000 odd kms, and a new engine only 20,000kms ago, we snapped up this diesel bus as it had all the things our growing family needed - flat floors, opening windows, and LOADS of underfloor storage! The previous owner had also kindly removed all the seats, saving us tip cash!
With over $10K alone spent on structural revival, here is what we have done to bring this bus back to life:
*Complete rust repairs from top to bottom! No nasty surprises behind doors, on steps, or under driver seats to worry about. (Have before pics to show!)
*2 coats of metal proofing undercoat on exterior. (Terrible peeling paint to start!)
*Fibreglass closure over back hatch that was leaking.
*New outward facing door with pincode lock for engineering compliance.
*$2700 of new windscreen and drivers window that was cracked beyond repair.
*Another $2700 of Marine Ply flooring.
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*Under floor insulation already installed in storage area.
*Vinyl wood-look flooring
*$550 newly upholstered bus driver's seat. Looks schmick!
*FJ Siding Panel for the walls. (to be installed after you wire!)
*Full Gold standard Insulation for walls and ceiling.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
(to be installed after you wire!)
*Window tinting for the whole bus! (to be installed)
Also available (for the right price!):
*3-seater bench seat for the family!
*2 stunning wood benchtops (brand new)
*$750 Square Bathtub (Brand new!)
*Thetford Electric Flush Cassette toilet (brand new)
*Gas Oven and Stove (brand new)
That was the pro's, here are the couple of cons:
*A couple of windows that we had intended to replace in the living/kitchen and bathroom area have couple of persistent leaks. We believe it has to do with seepage holes that allows rainwater to escape being blocked. Currently taped and covered to prevent any water getting in on the nice new flooring.
*We believe a fuse was broken or wire was cut by the bus company who originally had it. As a result, all 4 brake lights are out but we have access to all wires and fuse box. Easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing.
*Windscreen wipers and tyres likely need replacing for rego.
*Could probably do with another coat of exterior paint (we just hadn't decided if we wanted to do murals or get it professionally sprayed.)
She really is a blank canvas with a sturdy base ready to go for your fitout!
Located Beresfield until 16/12, otherwise moving to Anna Bay - but would like to avoid this! Quick sale by negotiation with awesome extras to get you on the road faster.
Message me today for an inspection.
*No offers accepted prior to viewing*


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Item Information

Item ID: 256633
Sale price: $ 21374
Car location: Beresfield, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.02.2022
Views: 7
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1994 Mercedes Benz 1418OH NEGOTIABLE QUICK SALE
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