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Selling 2005 Chevrolet Express Regency high top luxury conversion

$ 24995

2005 Chevrolet Express Regency high top luxury conversion for Sale

Seller Description

2005 CHEVY EXPRESS HIGH TOP CONVERSION BY REGENCY~SOFA/BED~TV/DVD~1 FLORIDA OWNER~60280 LOW MILES~NEW TIRES~READY TO GO2005 Chevrolet Express Regency high top conversion 5-Door VanExterior Color:BlueInterior Color:TanMileage:60,280Engine:5.3 VortecFuel:GasolineTransmission:AutomaticDrivetrain:Rear Wheel DriveWarranty:As Is - No Dealer WarrantyTitle:ClearVIN:1GBFG15T[hidden information]Internet Price:$24,995Vehicle DescriptionUp for sale is a beautiful1Florida owner owned 2005 Chevy Express high top conversion byRegency luxury vansand its ready to go anywhere with confidence. Clean smell through out, never been smoked in.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
The Chevy is mechanically very sound and it runs like a new van.
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Comes serviced & inspected. The exterior is clean and it looks awesome for its age. Please expect normal wear. The interior is very clean and it looks great.Comes with all matching fairly new tires.
Stunning 2005 Chevy Express High top conversion by Regency vans"
1Florida owner owned"
Very well kept and it shows"
60280actual low miles"
Chevy 5.3Vortec engine"
Rear DVD entertainment system"
Privacy blinds"
Chrome wheels with fairly new tires"
AM/FM CD sound system"
Auto dimming mirror with compass"
All books/2 Keys & 2 remotes"
Greattravelling van"
Ready to go anywhere with confidence"
Travel with style"
Please call us at[hidden information]with any questions you may have"
Vehicle Features & OptionsStandard FeaturesAir Conditioning:AM/FM CDChrome wheelsFlat screen TV/DVD entertainmentPower seatRear air conditioningRegency premium high top conversionRunning boardsSofa/BedWood trimTerms of SaleQuality Cars USAwill contact the successful high bidder by e-mail after the auction closes.Successful high bidder MUST communicate withQuality Cars USAbye-mailor phone[hidden information]within24hours of the auction ending to make arrangements to complete their transaction. If we cannot confirm your intention to buy or the sale is not completed within5days, we reserve the right to relist this vehicle or sell to any other qualified buyer.In order to secure thevehicle, Successful bidder (BUYER) must within24hours of bid closing send to Seller a non-refundable Deposit in the amount of $250by major credit card, cash in person or by PayPal. Within5daysof auctionclosing, Buyer must send balance of funds by cash in person,bank certified funds, Bank wire transfer, Bank loan checkto Seller. Please note that we do no except PayPal or Credit cards for full payments.ADDITIONAL TAXES AND FEES:
We do charge a$299.00documentation fee on each retail/wholesale sale which includes a temporary tag when applicable, motor vehicle documents and transfers and miscellaneous expenses including clerical fees, notary fees and US mail charges. This fee will not be discounted or waived under any circumstance.
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Item Information

Item ID: 242846
Sale price: $ 24995
Car location: Longwood, Florida, United States
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 0
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2005 Chevrolet Express Regency high top luxury conversion
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