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Selling 2005 Jeep Unlimited

$ 5000

2005 Jeep Unlimited for Sale

Seller Description

2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Presented By
GARRETT CLASSICSclassic and collector car sales and consignment1865 McGee Lane, Ste FLewisville, TX 75077call Maris at [hidden information] or Dave at [hidden information]
We are happy to present to you this 05 Jeep Unlimited. The vehicle has had 3 owners and the Auto Check report is excellent. The average scores on the report show these vehicles scoring between 42 and 59. This Jeep scores a 74. You can pull up the report at the beginning of the ad.
Features Include:
4.0 L Inline 6 Cylinder Engine4 Speed Auto TransmissionFactory A/CFactory Cruise ControlFactory Tilt WheelFactory Jeep Radio w/CD and XM RadioCustom SpeakersAMP and Bass Speaker in RearDana 44 Rear Axle w/ Track Lock DifferentialDana 30 Front Axle3:73 Gear RatioNP 231 Transfer Case w/Advance AdaptersSlip Yoke Eliminator KitAdams HD Rear Custom DriveshaftCurrie CE-9701 Curriectlync HD Steering SystemFactory Disc Brakes Front and Rear4.5 inch Rubicon Suspension KitAdams HD Rear Custom DriveshaftMethod 305 Race WheelsRubicon Adjustable Lower 4-Link ArmsRubicon Sway Bar Links
Click here to view the video of this 2005 Jeep.
The interior is like new. There are no tears or stains on the fabric. Everything appears to be working.
The mileage is actual according to the Auto Check Report. It may seem high, but over 16 years it's just a little over 5000 miles per year average.
All of the accessories on this Jeep are top quality.
The engine compartment is very clean.
The engine is running great. We have seen no leaks, and no smoke from the exhaust.
Additional Feature Include:
35 inch BFG KM3 35x12.50 TiresMethod 305 Race Wheels 15x10 (there is a 5th wheel for a spare)Fox Racing ShocksTereflex Front Adjustable TrackbarTereflex Steering StabilizerGen-Right Front Bumper w/ Grill Hoop and StingerGen-Right Rear Bumper w/ Bumper Brace KitPoison Spider Crusher Corners w/ 3" Steel FlarePoison Spider LED Licence Plate HolderPoison Spider Body Mounted Rocker KnockersPoison Spider LED Taillights and Reverse LightPoison Spider Tailgate ArmorMotobilt CB Antenna MountMotobilt Tailgate Accessory BaseWARN ZEON 10,000lb WinchWinch Has Synthetic Rope w/ Warn Custom Hook and FairleadWarn Winch CoverHella HeadlightsRigid LED Lights Just Installed on Tailgate (not yet wired)Bestop Trektop Slantback Soft Top
The steel body armor on the Jeep is great. It protects the body in the areas most often damaged when 4 wheeling. The side panels actually roll under the rocker panels and go under the body at least 6 inches or so. The rear fender guards also flare out over the wheel wells to protect the sides and rear corners.
A rather unique feature on the front of the Jeep is this license plate holder that is removable. It can be used on almost any vehicle. If your state requires a front plate, but you show your vehicle or in this case, need to get to your winch, it just releases by pulling the pin out and sliding the bracket forward to remove it. It's made bySto n Sho.
There are a few chips and scratches on the paint, but in general, the Jeep is in very good condition. It's been in Texas all of it's life and shows that by the lack of rust on the vehicle.
The above shot looks much worse than it is. It's just a small chip and tiny dent under the wheel well. It's hard to see looking straight at the Jeep.
You really need to come see this Jeep in person.
See also: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Work Truck great offer is available now.
It's so much fun to drive and will make someone a great vehicle.
Thanks you for viewing our ad. Again, please feel free to call Maris at [hidden information] or Dave at [hidden information]. We can also assist with financing and shipping.
If you have zero feedback please call or email us
before bidding.
WINNING BIDDER : You must contact us within 24 hours close of auction by
either email or phone OR we reserve the right to sell this car elsewhere.
TRANSPORTATION : Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the
buyer. However, we can refer you to
established national and international automobile shippers. The shipping
recommendation in the actual ad is an eBay suggested carrier.
PAYMENT : Payment will be due within 5 business days close of auction
unless other arrangements are made with us prior to your winning bid. A deposit
of $1000 is required within 48 hours close of auction unless other arrangements
are made with us beforehand. Payment is due in full within 5 business days
close of auction.
TAXES & TITLE : All winning bidders are responsible for tax, title, and
license fees in their state of residence.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
Garrett Classics is a licensed Texas
dealer. Texas residents are responsible for TT&L fees. Out of state
residents are required to pay sales tax in their state of residence. We do have
a document fee of $50. and a vehicle inventory tax charged on all cars sold in
Texas of .[hidden information] % of the sale price. (Example- $20,000. car would be $33.60)
INSPECTIONS : Inspections are welcome and highly encouraged. Call or email
for an appointment - Dave at [hidden information] or Maris at [hidden information]
WARRANTY : This vehicle is being sold as is, where is, with no warranty
expressed, written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for any incorrect
description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein and makes no warranty
in connection therewith. Although every effort is made on our part to
accurately describe the vehicle to you, it is the buyers responsibility to see
that his/her classic and collector car purchase meets their individual
criteria. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes
only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. The seller will
make every effort to disclose any known defects associated with the vehicle at the buyers request prior
to the close of the sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any oral or
written statements about the vehicle. A personal or 3rd party inspection prior
to your purchase is highly recommended.
As a licensed dealer, we reserve the right to remove this eBay ad if the vehicle
were to sell from our showroom.


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Item Information

Item ID: 247037
Sale price: $ 5000
Car location: Lewisville, Texas, United States
Last update: 4.01.2022
Views: 40
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2005 Jeep Unlimited
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