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Selling 2008 Ford Fusion

$ 4900

2008 Ford Fusion  for Sale

Seller Description

Clean 2008 FORD FUSION SEL , 4 Cylinder Great On Gas, Automatic Transmission, Cold Air Conditioning, Power windows/Locks/Mirrors, Cruise Control, CD Player, Alloy Wheels, Tires In Good Shape,Runs & Drives Great!
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TERMS:Notice To Bidders: High Bidder To Send $500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Within24 Hours Of The Close Of This Auction. Funds To Be Paid With Certified Check, Bank Transfer, Or Cash In Person Within5 Days Of Auction Ending. The Sale Is Subject To The Following Conditions And RepresentationsThis Vehicle Is Being Sold As Is, Where Is With No Warranty In Connection Therewith. The Seller Shall Not Be Responsible For The Correct Description, Authenticity, Genuineness, Or Defects Herein, And Make No Warranty In Connection Therewith. No Allowances Or Set Aside Will Be Made On Account Of Any Incorrectness, Imperfection, Defect Or Damage.
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Any Descriptions Or Representations Are For Identification Purposes Only And Are Not To Be Construed As A Warranty Of Any Type. It Is The Responsibility Of The Buyer To Have Thoroughly Inspected The Vehicle, And To Have Satisfied Himself Or Herself As To The Condition And Value Based Upon That Judgment Solely. Seller Assumes No Responsibility For Any Repairs Regardless Of Any Oral Statements About The Vehicle.
May Sell To The Highest Bidder If Reserve Is Not Met And Will Entertain Offers Before End Of Auction. I Reserve The Right To Terminate This Auction At Any Time. Shipping Costs Are The Responsibility Of The Purchaser But I Will Try To Help Anyway I Can. Negative Feedback Bidders Or5 Feedback Bidders Or Less Please Contact Me Before Bidding. Do Not Bid Unless You Intend To Buy. Thank You And Good Luck! You Are Entering Into A Legal Binding Contract To Purchase The Vehicle Described Above. If You Do Not Intend To Purchase This Item, Do Not Bid! Bidders Must Be Able To Pay Cash Or Have All Loans Pre-Approved Before Bidding On This Vehicle! Unqualified Bidding, Deadbeat Bidding, Or Auction Interference Will Be Subject To Legal Prosecution To The Fullest Extent Of The Law. Thank You Very Much For Your Understanding.


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Item Information

Item ID: 256699
Sale price: $ 4900
Car location: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Last update: 28.02.2022
Views: 9
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2008 Ford Fusion
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