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Selling 2009 Big Dog MASTIFF S&S 124ci SOFTAIL CHOPPER 5,932 miles

$ 15000

Seller Description

***************************************************Excellent Condition
Only 5,932 miles
Stage 4 Candy Apple Red Pearl Base with Silver
Pearl and Cherry Red Pearl Tribal Flame Graphix, Matching Candy Red Pearl Frame,
UpgradedRARE to Find S&S
124ciV-Twin 2032cc Beast of aMotor, Right Side Drive 6 Speed Baker
Transmission, Upgraded
Chrome Vance and Hines Wide
Radius Pipes, Arlen Ness Chrome Big Breather Intake, Diamond
Back Stainless Steel Braided Motor Oil Lines,
Chrome RC
Component Billet
Wheels and matching Pulley, Excellent Condition Massive 300mm Avon Cobra Rear Tire, Excellent
Condition 21 inch Avon Cobra Front
Tire, Front & Rear Disk Floating Rotors, Performance Machine 4
Piston Brake Calipers,
Sided Swing Arm Rear Softail Suspension, American Suspension
Chrome Billet Aluminum Front End, Chrome BDM Headlight, Chrome Pullback
Handlebars w/ integrated BDM Speedometer/Odometer
Gauge, Forged Billet Polished Hand Controls, BDM Billet
SS Diamond Back Stainless Steel Braided Brake
Clutch and Throttle Cables,Upgraded
Bullet Hole Forged Billet Forward Foot Controls, Upgraded BDM Billet Driver
Foot Pegs, Upgraded BDM Billet Passenger
Foot Pegs, Upgraded BDM Billet Shifter
and Brake Pegs,4.6 Gallon stretched fuel tank, Low center of
gravity 24 inch Leather
Seat height, Chrome Billet aluminum
struts,Almost Impossibleto Find this RARE S&S124ciV-Twin 2032cc Beast of aMotor Upgrade! in Fact so Rare Big Dog never has 124ci Coil covers made this one actually has a 117ci coil cover! the crank case number * RE00392X * was Verified by S&S as the 124.
Only 5,932 miles, New Battery, Excellent Condition.
Please Call Jim [hidden information]With any
Click orCut and Pastto
seeGoPro Video of this Bike Running on youtube
Please View All High
Resolution Pictures & Video.
listed is also for sale locally.
See also: 1997 Suzuki VZ800 MARAUDER 800 great offer is available now.

Many of our auctions End with a phone call
and reaching an agreement with a purchaser!
Call Jim [hidden information] to make a Deal!
* Important Info for OFFERS *
If Make Offer is Enabled
on this Item… We want to sell Everything we list BUT... I Don't Accept OR
Counter offers without First talking to a LIVE Person on the other end, Just in
case your Kid, Wife, Girl Friend or Dog got your eBay password and went through
the 3 steps it takes to place an offer on this Item. SO Please call at your
convenience to confirm you are real & serious about this purchase. Thanks
I Have Original Clean Title and it will be
Transferred to the winner.
Ask all questions before bidding as each bid
is a contract to buy this vehicle.
Local inspection on site is welcome with advance notice. IWill
showthis Motorcycle in person!
If you have ANY Question Please CALL, there
are MANY pictures Please look at All of them!
High Bidder to PREPAY, in US Dollars, by Bank Wire Transfer, Money Order,
Cashier's Check, personal/company check
A Non-Refundable Deposit of $1,000.00 is due
within 24 hrs.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
from end of auction.
The balance via certified funds within seven
I will ship the Motorcycle & Title as
soon as Payment Clears my Account
(All forms of payment must clear
prior to shipping)
Please have all inspections completed and
financing arranged prior to bidding. Pre-sale inspections are welcomed.
Inspection companies are available on the internet as well as eBay.
Option # 1 for Shipping or Pick Up
Motorcycle will be Picked Up or shipped fromPalm Beach County, Florida,
Funds must clear my Bank before
Tag purchase and tax cost and arrangements will be the sole responsibility of
the purchaser, upon request I will provide a temp tag for $20.00 Florida
residents must pay sales tax, title and tag transfer fees.
There are NO hidden Dealer Fees or Extra charges.All out of state buyers
are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/
registration fees in the state that it will be registered.
Option # 2 for Shipping or Pick Up
Shipping is a necessity for you, the entire cost and arrangements will be the
sole responsibility of the purchaser, I will however gladly help with
arrangements. We Have Reliable Shippers we Use & They are at my showroom
every week.
VIP Airport pickup in Palm Beach at the PBIA
Airport can be arranged if you decide to fly in and pick up this Bike.
Payment will have to be cleared at my Bank
before pick up, This is Not negotiable.
This Bike can be shipped anywhere in the world,I have shipped Vehicles to every state in
the USA and Many countries worldwide, the ports I ship from are in Port of Palm
Beach, Ft Lauderdale & Miami. The entire cost and arrangements for shipping
will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser; I will however gladly help with
arrangements and delivery to Port.
This Bike is advertised locally and Ido reserve the right to end the
auctionif sold.
Call me [hidden information]At
CERTIFIED POWERSPORTS INC in Florida For More information
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Item Information

Item ID: 249625
Sale price: $ 15000
Motorcycle location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
Last update: 19.01.2022
Views: 4
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2009 Big Dog MASTIFF S&S 124ci SOFTAIL CHOPPER 5,932 miles
Current customer rating: 4 out of 5 based on 1394 votes

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