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Selling 2017 Ford F-250 FREE HOME DELIVERY! Fx4 4x4 Tommy Gate Crew Blueto

$ 28990

2017 Ford F-250 FREE HOME DELIVERY! Fx4 4x4 Tommy Gate Crew Blueto for Sale

Seller Description

David Urby
[hidden information]
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty
Vehicle Information
Oxford White
6.2L 8-Cyl Engine
Four Wheel Drive
Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] ** 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 FX-4 4x4 Crew Cab *** For a Limited Time ** FREE DELIVERY ** at asking price 6.7 Powerstroke V8 | Bluetooth | Tow Package | 6 Passenger | Maxon 1300lb Tommy Gate | Tow Mirrors w/ Turn Signal | Tool Box | Certified CPO Carfax | Integrated Trailer Brake | Running Boards | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or credit union. Ask us about extended warranty's, we have very competitive pricing and great coverage options.
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Basic Information
Stock Number: C32166
VIN Number: 1FT7W2B67HEC32166
Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Super Duty
Model Year: 2017
Type: Pickup
Vehicle Trim: FREE HOME DELIVERY! Fx4 4X4 Tommy Gate Crew Blueto
Interior Color: Medium Earth Gray
Exterior Color: Oxford White
Body Type: Pickup Truck
Engine Description: 6.2L 8-Cyl Engine
Fuel Type: Flex Fuel Vehicle
Fuel Induction: SMPI
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
4WD Type: Part Time
Transmission: Automatic
Wheels Spare Rim Type: Steel
Drive Train Type: Four Wheel Drive
Stabilizer Bar: Front
External Temp
Low Fuel Level
Roof and Glass
Front Wipers: Intermittent
In Car Entertainment
Antenna Type: Mast
Audio System: AM/FM
Folding: Split, Flip And Fold
Cupholders: Front
Overhead Console: Front
Power Outlets: 12V Front
Seatback Storage
Steering Wheel Control: Multi-Function
Air Filtration
Reading Lights: Front, Rear
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
Engine Hour Meter
NHTSA Passenger Grade: Good
NHTSA Driver Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Side Impact Front Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Side Impact Back Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Roll Over Resistance Rating: Average
ABS: 4-Wheel
Anti Theft System: Engine Immobilizer
Brake Assist
Safety Locks
Headlights Auto Delay
Front Headrests: 2, Adjustable
Rear Headrests: 3, Adjustable
Safety Stability Control
Driver and Passenger Airbag
Side Airbag
Stability Control
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
Towing and Hauling
Trailer Hitch
Front Head Room: 40.8 Inches
Front Hip Room: 62.5 Inches
Front Shoulder Room: 66.7 Inches
Front Leg Room: 43.9 Inches
Rear Head Room: 40.4 Inches
Rear Hip Room: 64.7 Inches
Rear Leg Room: 43.6 Inches
Rear Shoulder Room: 65.9 Inches
Luggage Capacity: 52.10 Cu.Ft.
Width: 105.9 Inches
Ground Clearance: 8.2 Inches
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 10000 Lbs.
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North Texas Direct, LLC
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
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See also: 2002 Jaguar S-Type 4.0 great offer is available now.
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Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] ** 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 FX-4 4x4 Crew Cab *** For a Limited Time ** FREE DELIVERY ** at asking price 6.7 Powerstroke V8 | Bluetooth | Tow Package | 6 Passenger | Maxon 1300lb Tommy Gate | Tow Mirrors w/ Turn Signal | Tool Box | Certified CPO Carfax | Integrated Trailer Brake | Running Boards | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or credit union. Ask us about exten


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Item Information

Item ID: 242913
Sale price: $ 28990
Car location: Mansfield, Texas, United States
Last update: 16.12.2021
Views: 0
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2017 Ford F-250 FREE HOME DELIVERY! Fx4 4x4 Tommy Gate Crew Blueto
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