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Selling 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 SEL Sport Utility 4D

$ 27590

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 SEL Sport Utility 4D for Sale

Seller Description

[hidden information]
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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe
Vehicle Information
5NMS33AD4KH[hidden information]
[hidden information]
Twilight Black
Automatic, 8-Spd w/Shiftronic
2.4L I4 16V
22 City / 29 Highway
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Options and Standard Features
Alloy Wheels
Dual Air Bags
Heated Seats
Air Conditioning
Smart Cruise Control
Push Button Start
Blind-Spot Alert
Backup Camera
CD/MP3 (Single Disc)
Lane Keeping Assist
Power Windows
Tilt & Telescoping Wheel
Power Seat
Keyless Entry
Side Air Bags
Power Steering
Alarm System
Bluetooth Wireless
F&R Head Curtain Air Bags
AM/FM/HD Radio
Power Door Locks
Basic Information
Stock Number: [hidden information]
VIN Number: 5NMS33AD4KH[hidden information]
Make: Hyundai
Model: Santa Fe
Model Year: 2019
Type: SUV
Vehicle Trim: 2.4 SEL Sport Utility 4D
Interior Color: BLACK
Exterior Color: Twilight Black
Body Type: SUV
MPG Automatic City: 22
MPG Automatic Highway: 29
Engine Description: 2.4L I4 16V
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel Induction: DI
Valves Per Cylinder: 4
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
Transmission: Automatic, 8-Spd W/Shiftronic
Wheels Rims: Alloy
Wheels Spare Rim Type: Steel
Drive Train Type: Undefined
Independent Suspension: Four-Wheel
Stabilizer Bar: Front And Rear
External Temp
Low Fuel Level
Roof and Glass
Front Wipers: Variable Intermittent
Privacy Glass
Rear Defogger
Rear Wiper: Intermittent, With Washer
In Car Entertainment
Antenna Type: Diversity, Mast
Audio System: AM/FM, HD Radio, Voice Operated, Touch Screen Display
Drivers: Heated
Drivers Height: Power
Drivers Lumbar: Power
Drivers Power: 8
Passenger: Heated
Seating Capacity: 5
Front Seat Type: Bucket
Upholstery: Cloth
Center Armrest
Folding: One-Touch Fold Flat
Center Console: Front Console With Armrest And Storage
Cupholders: Front, Rear
Overhead Console: Front
Power Outlets: 12V Cargo Area, 12V Front
Retained Accessory Power
Seatback Storage
Steering Adjustment: Tilt And Telescopic
Steering Power: Variable/Speed-Proportional
Steering Wheel Control: Audio, Cruise Control, Phone, Multi-Function, Voice Control
Power Mirrors
Power Door Locks: Anti-Lockout, Auto-Locking
Windows: Power Windows
Trunk Lights
Door Trim: Cloth
Reading Lights: Front
Vanity Mirrors: Dual Illuminating
Bumpers: Body-Color
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
NHTSA Passenger Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Driver Grade: Good
NHTSA Side Impact Front Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Side Impact Back Grade: Excellent
NHTSA Roll Over Resistance Rating: Good
ABS: 4-Wheel
Anti Theft System: Alarm, Engine Immobilizer
Brake Assist
Safety Locks
Daytime Running Light: LED
Fog Lights
Front Headrests: 2, Adjustable
Rear Headrests: 3, Adjustable
Safety Stability Control
Driver and Passenger Airbag
Side Airbag
Stability Control
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
Liftgate Window: Fixed
Front Head Room: 41.2 Inches
Front Hip Room: 57.5 Inches
Front Shoulder Room: 59.1 Inches
Front Leg Room: 44.1 Inches
Rear Head Room: 39.2 Inches
Rear Hip Room: 56.3 Inches
Rear Leg Room: 40.9 Inches
Rear Shoulder Room: 58.3 Inches
Luggage Capacity: 35.90 Cu.Ft.
Maximum Seating: 5
Length: 187.80 Inches
Width: 74.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
4 Inches
Wheelbase: 108.9 Inches
Ground Clearance: 7.3 Inches
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 4729 Lbs.
Curb Weight: 3803 Lbs.
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Item Information

Item ID: 250975
Sale price: $ 27590
Car location: Tempe, Arizona, United States
Last update: 27.01.2022
Views: 5
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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 SEL Sport Utility 4D
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