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Selling 2021 Lexus LC 500 LC 500 Dynamic Handling Package

$ 109895

2021 Lexus LC 500 LC 500 Dynamic Handling Package for Sale

Seller Description

2021 Lexus LC 500 Dynamic Handling Package
Vehicle Information
JTHBP5AY0MA[hidden information]
Nightfall Mica
5.0 L
16 City / 25 Highway
Lexus LC 500 Coupe
Gold Coast Maserati Alfa Romeo is proud to announce the arrival of this lovely Lexus LC 500. Finished in Nightfall Mica over Toasted Caramel, the LC 500 has been driven very few easy miles by ONE previous owner. It is in like-new condition, and the balance of the Lexus Factory Warranty is in effect.
This LC 500 has been equipped with:
* Dynamic Handling Package ($9,570)
- 21-inch Forged Alloy Wheels
- Torsen Limited-Slip Differential
- Active Rear Steering
- Variable Ratio Steering
- Active Rear Wing
- Intuitive Parking Assist
- Alcantara Sport Seats
- Alcantara Headliner
- Carbon Fiber Roof
- Carbon Fiber Door Sill Plates
* Mark Levinson 13-Speaker Reference Audio System ($1,220)
* Head-Up Display (HUD, $900)
* Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, Key Gloves ($280)
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Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: GP0900AA
VIN Number: JTHBP5AY0MA[hidden information]
Style Name: 2Dr Coupe
Make: Lexus
Model: LC 500
Model Year: 2021
Type: Coupe
Vehicle Trim: LC 500
Exterior Color: Blue
Body Type: Coupe
MPG Automatic City: 16
MPG Automatic Highway: 25
Engine Description: 5.0 L
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel Induction: DI
Valves Per Cylinder: 4
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
Transmission: Automatic
Wheels Rims: Alloy
Drive Train Type: RWD
Active Suspension
Independent Suspension: Four-Wheel
Stabilizer Bar: Front And Rear
External Temp
Low Fuel Level
Roof and Glass
Front Wipers: Speed Sensitive, Variable Intermittent, Rain Sensing
Rear Defogger
Sunroof: Fixed Glass, Sliding Sunshade
In Car Entertainment
Antenna Type: Diversity, Element
Audio System: AM/FM, HD Radio, Voice Operated
Speakers: 11
Drivers: Heated
Drivers Height: Power
Drivers Lumbar: Power
Drivers Power: 10
Drivers Ventilated
Passenger: Heated
Passenger Height: Power
Passenger Power: 8
Passenger Ventilated
Seating Capacity: 4
Front Seat Type: Sport Bucket
Upholstery: Leather
Center Console: Front Console With Armrest And Storage, Illuminated
Cupholders: Front, Covered
Power Outlets: 12V Front
Retained Accessory Power
Steering Adjustment: Power Tilt And Telescopic
Steering Power: Variable/Speed-Proportional
Steering Wheel Control: Audio, Cruise Control, Phone, Multi-Function, Paddle Shifter, Voice Control
Universal Remote Transmitter: Homelink - Garage Door Opener
Auto Dimming Mirrors
Power Mirrors
Power Retractable Mirrors
Reverse Tilt Mirror
Power Door Locks: Anti-Lockout, Auto-Locking
Windows: Power Windows
Navigation System: Hard Drive, Voice Operated
Phone: Hands Free
Memory Features Number of Drivers: 3 Driver
Memory Features Steering Wheel
Air Conditioning: Automatic Climate Control
Air Filtration
Trunk Lights
Center Console Trim: Leather
Dash Trim: Leather
Door Trim: Leatherette
Mats: Rear, Front
Reading Lights: Front, Rear
Shift Knob: Leather
Steering Wheel Trim: Leather
Vanity Mirrors: Dual Illuminating
Bumpers: Body-Color
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
ABS: 4-Wheel
Anti Theft System: Alarm, Engine Immobilizer
Brake Assist
Cornering Lights
Daytime Running Light: LED
Headlights Auto Delay
Front Headrests: Power Adjustable, 2
Rear Headrests: 2, Integrated
Safety Signal Mirrors
Safety Stability Control
Trunk Release
Driver and Passenger Airbag
Side Airbag
Stability Control
Door Reinforcement: Side Impact Door Beams
Front Head Room: 37.
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2 Inches
Front Hip Room: 54.1 Inches
Front Shoulder Room: 56.5 Inches
Front Leg Room: 42.0 Inches
Rear Head Room: 32.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
2 Inches
Rear Hip Room: 43.7 Inches
Rear Leg Room: 32.5 Inches
Rear Shoulder Room: 48.9 Inches
Luggage Capacity: 5.40 Cu.Ft.
Maximum Seating: 4
Length: 187.40 Inches
Width: 75.6 Inches
Height: 53.00 Inches
Wheelbase: 113.0 Inches
Ground Clearance: 5.2 Inches
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 5260 Lbs.
Curb Weight: 4340 Lbs.
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Lexus LC 500 Coupe Gold Coast Maserati Alfa Romeo is proud to announce the arrival of this lovely Lexus LC 500. Finished in Nightfall Mica over Toasted Caramel, the LC 500 has been driven very few easy miles by ONE previous owner. It is in like-new condition, and the balance of the Lexus Factory Warranty is in effect. This LC 500 has been equipped with: * Dynamic Handling Package ($9,570) - 21-inch Forged Alloy Wheels - Torsen Limited-Slip Differential - Active Rear Steering - Variable Ratio Steering - Active Rear Wing - Intuitive Parking Assist - Alcantara Sport Seats - Alcantara Headliner - Carbon Fiber Roof - Carbon Fiber Door Sill Plates


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Item Information

Item ID: 246283
Sale price: $ 109895
Car location: Great Neck, New York, United States
Last update: 31.12.2021
Views: 2
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2021 Lexus LC 500 LC 500 Dynamic Handling Package
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