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Selling 7/92 vp holden commodore FACTORY V8 FACTORY 5 SPEED FACTORY IRS (Rare combo) vn

$ 19084

7/92 vp holden commodore FACTORY V8 FACTORY 5 SPEED FACTORY IRS (Rare combo) vn for Sale

Seller Description

Here I have my 7/92 vp commodore exc for sale.
See also: BMW X5 E70 Executive EASY FINANCE 02 9479 9555 great offer is available now.
It left the Holden factory with the 5ltr v8 and 5 speed manual as standard which is rare in it self. However this vp was optioned up with an irs differential . There was very few exc made with irs only a hand full. The car is in over all good shape however the paint could do with a respray as tops have faded. Mechanically it drives great . Doesn't over heat or do anything it shouldn't. Could drive any where comtably. The ac is ice cold and the heater is hot. The factory radio and electric aireal work as they should.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
Mirrors,lights,wipers,washers all work as they should. No gearbox or diff noises. Has had a lot of parts replaced in recent times they are1 NEW DISCS AND PADS2 NEW FE2 KING SPRINGS ALL ROUND3 NEW CLUTCH FAN ASSY4 MAJOR SERVOCE INC PLUGS,FILTERS AND FAN BELTS5 REAR DRIVE SHAFT BOOTS6 NEW REDBACK SPORTS EXHAUST WITH 2 MUFFLERS7 RECO FRONT BRAKE CLAIPERSthe roof lining needs replacing which will be done prior too sale at buy now price. This car also still retains its factory boos. Its a matching numbers car and still retains its factory number plates. Under the factory hubcaps are interceptor rims with caps as per factory. Still retains its jack ect its a great driver as is and depending on your likes it could be enjoyed as is. Has august 22 rego for vic buyers . Can drop off too transport company for interstate buyers. Its a rare combo and you would hard pressed too find another. Pickup beverisge vic ps if it our side your budget please don't waste your time or mine I want too sell but don't need too I'm neg within reason cheers


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Item Information

Item ID: 257073
Sale price: $ 19084
Car location: beveridge vic, Australia
Last update: 11.03.2022
Views: 3
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7/92 vp holden commodore FACTORY V8 FACTORY 5 SPEED FACTORY IRS (Rare combo) vn
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