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Selling BOSS FORD FALCON XR8 5.4 V8 Auto Registration NSW car sedan seat project classic

$ 6489

BOSS FORD FALCON XR8 5.4 V8 Auto Registration NSW car sedan seat project classic for Sale

Seller Description

Ends 9:00 PM this coming Thursday. This is a genuine auction sale. Please do any looking or
questioning before you bid, final bidder is expected to complete sale without
fuss or delay.
NSW REGISTRATION into DEC 2022 next year with current NSW
roadworthy document.
BOSS quad cam 5.4L Petrol 8cyl - 4spd Full Automatic - XR8 package
Fantastic choice in colour - same colour as FPV launch promo cars (Citric Acid Green) with GT style stripe kit. Low 145km GENUINE log booked. Deep full sports exhaust, x pipe, quad tips - without being juvenile loud. Vehicle returns great performance being a 350hp rated V8. It
has been reliable for us and very comfortable for long distance driving with
cruise control. Fair body condition, runs and drives fairly well for a vehicle with just over 140,xxx km. It is an older used vehicle and with a cheap starting
price, do be realistic and don't expect perfection. Selling to upgrade to a
younger car.
High quality
Hankook tyres and recently replaced.
Up to date
stamped logbook showing genuine klm. Brand new battery. No fault lights showing on dash.
Interior is
very clean and tidy, showing only reasonable wear for age.
A/c is cold
and the audio system is of a high quality. Entertainment audio lcd screen is however
Shaker intake
hood scoop. Factory LSD differential. Koya Racing light weight alloy wheels.
Body paint is shiny and overall fairly good
but does show some stone chips, scratches and small dents from parking lots etc. Rear spoiler has some clear lifting on the corners. Front bumper corners
sit out a little, needs someone to reclip them etc. Front and rear
bumpers have parking lot entry marks.
See also: 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C90 1500 great offer is available now.
Minor parking scrape on left rear dogleg
behind back door panel, can't notice it except up very close.
Only known rust
spot was on the fuel filler entry and was touched up by last owner, must be a
BA sealant flaw because I see they all have it now. Boot gutters look clean.----------------------
Engine code Z
Trans code W
Paint JA
Trim B8
Built Dec 03
This is a final sale by public auction 'as is'. This means
no returns no guarantees whatsoever and no refunds. It is described by my
untrained opinion, I am not a mechanic. Please do ALL satisfactory checks
before bidding and NOT after winning.
I only accept CASH on pickup or bank transfer - please pay
in full asap to avoid it being sold to someone else.
Freight is ok.
Try quoting with Northwest car carrying, Prix
or Ceva. Interstate buyers need NSW licence to keep state plates and transfer
registration, else sold unregistered to interstate buyers.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .



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Item Information

Item ID: 242170
Sale price: $ 6489
Car location: Hornsby, Sydney, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 5
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BOSS FORD FALCON XR8 5.4 V8 Auto Registration NSW car sedan seat project classic
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