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Selling 1970 Honda CB350k2 Red/white Petrol

$ 0

1970 Honda CB350k2 Red/white Petrol for Sale

Seller Description

Here we have a beautiful 1970 CB350K2 in its factory spec red/white livery.
Fully UK registered as historic, MOT/Tax exempt.
Bought as a project, it was in pretty good condition with the exception of the paint.
Obviously I’ve taken it totally apart and replaced all those parts that needed it. The paintwork is perfect having been done by a local professional painter I use regularly. A pretty expensive paint job given how complex it is.
Absolute fortune spent on parts, mainly from David Silvers Honda. List includes:Rims and spokesTyres and tubesRear brake shoesIndicators and rear stemsCarb overhaul kitsFull replacement exhaust silencers, original down pipesOriginal mudguards with some age patina
Carbs rebuilt and ultra sonic cleaned, everything else either painted, polished or greased!
Engine runs perfectly, easy starter. No rattles or smoke. Not been messed with. New clutch fitted as I was there. Kickstart works, but doesn’t always engage first time, probably just down to lack of use, not really an issue as starter motor works perfectly.
All electrics work as they should.
Original seat and cover… pretty rare in itself!
Getting rarer to find and prices are going sky high for these. I’ve priced to recover outlay that doesn’t include labour, that’s free.
This is a retirement hobby, feedback will show I list honestly and includes several bikes I’ve restored and sold.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .

Standard Disclaimer
Bike is 52 years old. No returns and sold as seen in description. No low feedback bidders please without prior agreement. Same for non-UK. No offers please, will be automatically deleted. Once first bid is in, auction will run until end, so please don’t ask.
Can arrange courier for £119 in England £129 to Scotland dependant on availability.
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Item Information

Item ID: 251037
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Southampton, United Kingdom
Last update: 27.01.2022
Views: 8
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1970 Honda CB350k2 Red/white Petrol
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