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Selling Lenovo Windows 10 laptop 14.1" Cheap Core i5 2nd to 6th Gen up to 16GB 480GB SSD

$ 0

Lenovo Windows 10 laptop 14.1" Cheap Core i5 2nd to 6th Gen up to 16GB 480GB SSD for Sale

Seller Description

Lenovo Windows 10 Laptop
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Lenovo Windows 10 Laptop
From £129.99
In stock, ready for dispatch
Item Condition Notes
As New
Ex-display/unwanted returned products. Laptop in immaculate condition with original box. Original paperwork and recovery disk may not be included.
Grade 1 - Refurbished
Laptop has little signs of use, may have minor wear and tear.
Grade 2 - Refurbished
Laptop will have minor wear to the lid and palm rest, and may have minor scratches/marks around the surface. There will be no physical damage to the laptop.
Grade 3 - Used
Laptop has clear signs on use.
See also: 2017 Indian Springfield WABS great offer is available now.
Expect the laptop to have dents in the lid, cracks, major scratches, clear screen blemishes and a worn keyboard.
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Quality: Grade 2 (Click link above)
Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor
Processor Generation: 2nd to 6th Generation (Please select above)
Memory: 4GB - 16GB (Please select above)
Hard Drive: 500GB / 120GB SSD / 240GB SSD / 480GB SSD (Please select above)
Screen Size: 14-inch widescreen. 1366 x 768
CD Drive: None
Operating System: Windows 10 Home or Pro 64 Bit (Please select above)
Battery: Minimum 1 hour standby
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics
AC Adapter: Included
WiFi: Yes
Network: Internal
USB Ports: 3
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Item Information

Item ID: 249475
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Last update: 18.01.2022
Views: 3
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Lenovo Windows 10 laptop 14.1" Cheap Core i5 2nd to 6th Gen up to 16GB 480GB SSD
Current customer rating: 4 out of 5 based on 4135 votes

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