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Selling Nissan Stagea RS4S (WGNC34) Factory Manual

$ 45802

Nissan Stagea RS4S (WGNC34) Factory Manual for Sale

Seller Description

1998 WGNC34 series 2 Nissan Stagea RS4S. 1 of only 300 in GV1 black and factory manual.This car has been my pride and joy for the past 9 years. As the first owner, I was planning to keep the car for good, however life plans change, and I don’t have the time to enjoy it anymore. This car has been built to be driven, especially on windy roads. A truly engaging, rewarding and exciting setup that is well balanced and predictable.This car will not disappoint. I have used only the very best of parts and workshops. Regular service intervals maintained ~2,500kms. This car has PLENTY of power for the street, which has been safely developed around keeping the factory bottom end happy, however, has the capability of making more power should the new owner decide to build a forged bottom end (500+ KW). Car has been modified with the aim to also retain a factory look and retains a cold aircon etc. Factory front seats, steering wheel and cargo net, included in the sale along with personalised plates.The price represents good value at $60K (without RWC), however I am willing to discuss and consider reasonable offers. Not interested in parting out the car if the right offer does not come along and do not want to swap it for anything else.If you are genuinely interested, please contrat me for further information or if you wish to inspect the vehicle. Happy to assist interstate and overseas buyers with freight logistics.Engine:RB25DET NeoSupertech Beehive valve spring & retainer kitMLSR gasketARP 2000 head studsTOMEI Type B drop in camshafts (260° / 9.
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15mm)Head port matchedFactory manifold ported and fabricated for external wastegate setupGarrett GTX3576 Gen2 with T51R modTurbosmart 40mm external wastegate with screamer pipeTurbosmart FPR800Turbosmart Dual Port BOV (with dual 60mm trumpets)PWR front mount intercooler (return-flow)ID 1500cc injectors (e85)Twin Walbro 460 high pressure internal pumpsCustom fabricated 3.5 turbo back exhaust (v-band setup - rear muffler interchangeable between Nismo Weldina 3” or Reaper 4” race muffler)Custom CPG 4” intake pipe with K&N filterCustom CPG cold air intake to suit R34 GTT snorkelCustom CPG oil catch canGREDDY oil relocation kitZeitronix flex fuel sensor and gaugeExtensive list of ceramic coated partsEngine Management:Haltech Elite 2500Haltech multi-function CAN gaugeRolling anti-lag and launch control setupTurbosmart e-Boost Street EBCRunning Gear:Factory 5 speed (converted to push)Xtreme twin plate clutchNismo clutch slave cylinderNismo short shifterGJ Drivelines once-piece lightened tailshaftFactory diff fully refurbished with Nismo 1.5 way adjustable LSDSuspension:MCA Red coiloversCUSCO adjustable arms and tension rodsWhiteline front and rear sway barsInternal floor/chassis bracingEvery suspension bushing has been replacedRear cradle has been taken out and refurbishedBrakes:Upgraded BM-50 GTR master cylinderFully refurbished front & rear EVO 9 Brembo calipersALPHA OMEGA Racing brake adapter kitFront and rear DBA 350mm slotted rotorsFront and rear braided linesWheels & Tyres:18 x 9.5 Nismo LMGT4s265/35 YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA AD08RInterior:Factory RS4S interiorGenuine BRIDE Japan Edition (Size L) front seatsGenuine BRIDE Japan side protectorsGenuine BRIDE seat rails to suit Nissan StageaCustom flat bottom R34 GTT carbon steering wheelGenuine R33 GTR Nissan sports pedal setAlpine stereoNismo floor matsExterior:Body has been resprayed in factory black colourAll rust repaired under mirrorsC34 Stagea genuine Ganador electric mirrorsCarbon Fibre N1 front bar vents
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Item Information

Item ID: 242837
Sale price: $ 45802
Car location: Diamond Creek, Australia
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 1
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Nissan Stagea RS4S (WGNC34) Factory Manual
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