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Selling Scorpion 450cc off road Go kart, buggy 4 speed manual clutch 45HP subaru engine

Seller Description

Welcome to Dandy dirtbikes, Hallam victoria
where you can buy confidently
we have been in operation since [hidden information]+ years specializing in chinese dirt bikesatv,quadbikes & spare parts
on offer is1 x Scorpion 450cc Go kart buggy, large size, Two seater
red color, black color also available
brand new in boxlike no other on the market
SUBARU 4-stroke Single cylinder, 450cc, 4 valve racing engine, 45HP
4 stroke, water cooled
4 speed manual gearbox, with reverse gear
Twin Sports seats with full safety harness
Electric start,
alloy wheels, with monster size mud tiresFront & rear disc BrakesLarge Coil spring suspension, all round
spot lights
Padded roll bars
Now In Stock!
we are at 114 Wedgewood rd Hallam vic, open mon-thursday 10am-5pm, friday till 4pm
please contact us for any other information you may requirecan send anywhere in Australia, cheap freight available, check our web site for postage costs or to buy now
See also: Shogun LWB 3.2DiD Grey - Good Off-roader great offer is available now.
or please ask for a quote03 9796 4201 [hidden information]free pick up
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Item Information

Item ID: 157374
Motorcycle location: Hallam, Victoria, Australia
Last update: 21.05.2020
Views: 349
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Scorpion 450cc off road Go kart, buggy 4 speed manual clutch 45HP subaru engine
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4860 votes

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