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Selling Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes

$ 0

Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes for Sale
Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes for Sale
Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes for Sale

Seller Description

Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes


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Item Information

Item ID: 273440
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Kingswinford, United Kingdom
Last update: 27.06.2022
Views: 0
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Vespa GTS300 HPe Super E5 RRP 5450, Rosso Red Fresh 2022 Built bikes
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 5504 votes

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