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Selling vw golf 2.0 gt tdi 140

$ 0

vw golf 2.0 gt tdi 140 for Sale

Seller Description

Hi all, thank you for looking at my page,Here i have my pride and joy, The reason for sale, i have bought a new car also moving home so need gone really. I bought this MK5 3 years ago within those years i have really enjoyed driving and owning the Golf.It has been serviced every year plus before i owned the car ( have stamps in the book )A year ago i had the timing belt / waterpump changed @145.00 miles.5 month ago i got the clutch flymasswheel replaced @150.000 miles.Recently had all 4 tyres replaced, just had new front brakes and pads last week.New H&R lowering springs 5 weeks ago 40mm drop all round also had all the droplinks replaced at the same time.All the windows tinted proffesionally (apart from windscreen) 5% limoblack on the rears and 35% at the front. Recently just bought a second had starter motor installed by myself, also a brand new alternator over a year ago. The battery is 2 years old.I have had the car re mapped late last year by V Max Tuning Stage 1 performance and Eco, DPF DELETE, EGR DELETEFrom stock 140bhp with 320nm torguetoTuned 175bhp with 395nm torgue.MOT is until August 2022. Drives Superb and pulls every gear.Boost gauge is fiited and connected to the turbo.Also comes with subwoofer and Amp 1200watts however, can always remove if you do not wish to have it.I recently bought a flip screen stereo with bluetooth,usb, which payed £150 phone connect ect on this very good stereo.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
cash on collection and sold as seenAny other questions feel free to ask.
Car is currently not in used as have a new car...
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Been off road now for approximately 4weeks.. The battery is died as left the interrear light on will jump start some time this week


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Item Information

Item ID: 256936
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: hindley, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.03.2022
Views: 18
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vw golf 2.0 gt tdi 140
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