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Selling VW Golf Auto Diesel - NO RESERVE

$ 209

VW Golf Auto Diesel - NO RESERVE for Sale

Seller Description

AUCTION: (ie the car was sold under finance and the
customer failed to make their payments) It is NO RESERVE and will
be sold with clear title for whatever it makes!
Here is my review of the vehicle. I have tried to be as honest and
as complete as possible, but note I am not a mechanic and the following should
only to be used as a guide. You are welcome to make your own inspection see
below for the vehicle location
Engine: Diesel starts reasonably well. Feels like engine or gearbox mount
as there is shudder/knock on start. Also slight knock in motor when cold.
I have driven the car about 500 metres up
and down the local street. sits on the road well.
See also: 1965 Ford Mustang great offer is available now.
Has plenty of power. Gearbox
changes as expected.
Interior: driver side carpet is worn(has hole). Driver seat is ripped on
the bolster. Rest of interior is quite reasonable
Exterior: scuff on front right hand guard and bumper. Left-hand rear
bumper has damage from being pushed against something. Rest of car is recently
straight and clean. paint seems quite good.
Wheels and Tyres: has factory alloys. All alloys have gutter rash/scuffed except
drivers front. Tyres all seem possible
Other: Air-conditioning: Took a
while to get cool and then not freezing
Has Factory MP3, Only checked tuner. Which worked fine
Overall: Reasonable sort of car
apart from the issues listed above
NOTE: we
have not done a mechanical inspection or roadworthy on the car, nor will we; The
vehicle will be sold where is, as is, with no registration and no roadworthy;
It is a mortgagee in possession sale on behalf of the client.
You are
welcome to inspect the car at 1223 Logan Rd Mount Gravatt. or call us on 07
3349 4848 (please let the person you speak to know, that you are
enquiring about the Mortgagee in Possession sale on Ebay)
-------- Excluded Bidders -----------
We will
not accept bids from Buyers with No Purchase History. UNLESS you provide us
with your contact mobile number and a photo of your license PRIOR TO BIDDING,
so we can verify you are legitimate.
I am
quite happy for YOU to organize the car to be shipped interstate.
Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .
However you
will need to get it picked up from us, and it will need to be paid for first.
Cash Offers
Also, respectfully, Please don't make me
any cash offers as it is our policy to be fair to our client and other bidders
and to sell it to the highest bidder.
We expect payment and collection of the vehicle within 2 days of the auction
Finally, If you don't intend to complete the sale don't bid.


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Item Information

Item ID: 256901
Sale price: $ 209
Car location: Wishart, QLD, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 1.03.2022
Views: 10
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VW Golf Auto Diesel - NO RESERVE
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