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Selling VW GOLf R 7.5 replica gt tdi

Seller Description

For sale here is my 2013 golf mk7 gt tdiFULL GOLF R MK7.5 replica firstly let me start by saying no stone has been left unturned in doing this build I solely only brought the car to do the conversion and then sell on Sadly the car was involved in a miner accident crash so Is registered on the register how ever please rest assured this car only had minor damage and was repaired to a VERY high standard using all genuine Vw parts the car drives just like new with no knocks or bangs the car has only covered 50k miles also with 1 previous keeper prior to myself! Here is a list of everything that has gone into this build
•Full golf r 7.5 front end•full 7.5 rear end•genuine 7.5 front and rear lights•the full front and rear brakes•19in 7.
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Here you can get information about on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the .

5 alloys genuine•apex 40mm lowering springs•full golf r 7.5 interior•custom made exhaust•genuine 7.5 side skirts•golf r power folding mirrors
The car it's self has very high specification including reversing camera front and rear parking sensors electric power folding mirrors satellite navigation Bluetooth and dab radio with the optional bigger media screen. This car looks like the real Deal at a fraction of the price and far less running costs turns heads everywhere I drive it the car is in amazing condition throughout and looks like a £35k car I'm sure the is probably loads I have missed out on so please fee free to call me on [hidden information] to discuss any further questions
Asking price is only £10995


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Item Information

Item ID: 173325
Car location: milton keynes, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.08.2020
Views: 107
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VW GOLf R 7.5 replica gt tdi
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